Do you have an eye twitch? 

If yes, then read carefully I’m gonna share 7 Pro tips on how to stop an eyelid from twitching. Let’s talk about the twitching of eyelids now chances are if you’re reading this your eyelid is twitching.


You’re finding it very annoying and bothersome and the truth is a lot of us experienced these from time to time now the actual term for an eyelid twitch is called an eyelid myokymia and it’s very similar to having any other muscle twitch in the body.


Basically somehow the nerve that controls the muscle of the eyelid is being excited and that’s causing it to flutter and twitch away and it can be really really bothersome. 


Now for most people, these eyelid twitches are very benign and self-limiting meaning they only last maybe a day or two but for some people, they can last weeks, months, and potentially even years.


Now again these eyelid twitches are usually very normal to experience they usually happen like this a little fluttering of the outside edge of your lower eyelid. But occasionally you’ll have an eyelid twitch of the upper eyelid but both are considered normal however there are some unique scenarios where basically, they’re not normal-

The first of those is called blepharospasm that is where both eyelids basically clinch shut very tightly and you cannot open them no matter how hard you try. 

Second, you could have what’s called a hemifacial spasm and that’s where half of your face starts to kind of spasm and grimace uncontrollably again in those scenarios, it is best to go see your doctor and talk to them about your experiences because they could be associated with other neurological conditions but again those little fluttering of the eyelids are considered normal and are usually temporary.

    Causes of Twitching of Eyelids-

    However, I do want to give you some pro tips so that they resolve a little bit faster. So, across all medical textbooks in ophthalmology, you will find basically three main causes of the eyelid twitch

    • Stress.
    • Fatigue.
    • Caffeine intake.

    How To Stop Eye Twitching Fast? 

    # Tip 1
    Decrease your stress now that is we’re always easier said than done but the truth is yeah we usually carried way too much stress in our lives so try picking up something that’s a little bit different that’s relaxing whether it is breathing exercises may be trying yoga or picking up a new hobby something creative.

    # Tip 2
    Reduce fatigue again this one is also a little bit difficult at times it’s easier said than done I personally either try to get to bed a little bit earlier or I think actually getting more exercise is an excellent way to get some sleep because then your body’s actually worn out and tired so when you do hit the sack you hit the sack harder another cool tip when you’re heading to bed tries to stretch your arms out and try to do that sort of movement.

    # Tip 3

    Caffeine intake , Working of Computer
    Reduce Caffeine intake

    Reduced caffeine
     now this one could be the most difficult of them all I know it might be my most challenging tip if you’re drinking a lot of coffee or some sort of caffeinated drink like energy drinks then perhaps just backing off of that caffeine will help a lot more of little eye twitches but instead of cutting back on the amount of caffeine maybe just switching to a different type of caffeine believe it or not tea the caffeine molecule in tea actually acts a little different and is digested differently in your body so instead of getting the high spike of caffeine pick-me-up that we like from coffee tea will actually, give you a very kind of mellow caffeinated that lasts longer throughout the day.

    # Tip 4
    Soothe dry and irritated eyes now if you’re somebody with kind of dry eyes or maybe you have an irritation like an eyelash growing the wrong way and it’s poking you in the eye then it’s going to tell the body to go ahead and blink more so that’s going to add that extra emphasis that may cause your eyelid to twitch so if you’re somebody who wears contacts maybe just taking a break from the contacts is gonna be an easy enough solution or if you have more dryness go ahead and use an artificial tear and extra couple times a day

    Besides, you can even do a gentle little eyelid massage just on the spot that’s kind of fluttering and irritating because that’s gonna help just relax that muscle tell it to kind of soothe and calm down however don’t go ahead and crank on the eye hard because that just causes more irritation to the eyelid I like to do eyelid massages with a warm compress such as the brooder eye mask but I have other cool tips on how to manage dry eye symptoms.

    # Tip 5
    Reduced eye fatigue now again this one can be a little difficult to do especially depending on what you’re doing throughout the day if you’re maybe your job your occupation is sitting in front of a computer screen all-day then perhaps just giving your eyes a little bit of a break you can follow what’s called the 20-20-20 rule which means after 20 minutes of near digital screen work takes about 20 seconds looking at least 20 feet away in the distance just to help relax those eye muscles and give them a break.

    Also, you can consider special lenses for computer screens or tinted lenses to help relax those eyes just a little bit more.

    # Tip 6
    Eye Allergies if you know that you either have a history of allergies or self or if it’s something that runs in the family and your eyes are just feeling like they itched and you have to scratch at them then yeah maybe allergies are another component to it there are several different over-the-counter options for allergy eyedrops you can, of course, take over-the-counter oral antihistamine allergy medications or of course, talk to your eye doctor about different eye drops that could help or even talk to your family physician for possible other medications, also you can even do a cold compress in that situation on the eyelid that’ll help soothe either the irritation it’ll help decrease any inflammation of the eyelids in an allergic response.

    # Tip 7

    Eye Fruits,  Fruits
    Eye Vitamins
    Consider taking an eye vitamin and Fruits  now there are several different reports about the benefits of taking different vitamins and minerals to help with eyelid twitches, however, nothing is conclusive find a lot of information about magnesium and other vitamins however again that’s all kind of speculation at this point.

    But if you could consider taking some type of restorative eye vitamin it’s probably not gonna hurt you however again it may have no benefit it could all just be a placebo effect but something you can certainly, consider but if you are gonna go that route it may be the best view to talk with your family physician or your eye doctor if it’s something best for you.

    All right so those are my seven tips to help relieve these eyelids twitches if your eyelid which is, of course, lasting a long time or of having any of those other suspected neurological problems perhaps talking to your eye doctor is the best that may have an ultimate solution of doing a Botox injection to kind of numb it but that is only temporary and considered a little bit more extreme for a treatment.

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