LASIK is short for Laser eye surgery/Laser vision correction or Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses, surgery for the correction of Myopia (Nearsightedness), Hypermetropia (Farsightedness), and astigmatism.

In this surgery, the eye cornea is reshaped to improve visuality. As the laser is used in this surgery that is why named Laser eye Surgery or a Laser Vision Correction. In simple words, It is eye surgery to remove your eyeglasses or contact lenses,

Why LASIK eye surgery is done?

If a person is probably thinking of removing the contact lenses or glasses, This has opted in any one of the following cases.
    • Hypermetropia.
    • Astigmatism.
But it is not the case that for every person it is true that through LASIK one can able to get rid of glasses or contact lenses it all depends upon the extent of the above-mentioned disorders. So, keep in mind that LASIK is good/helpful up to some extent.

Risk Involved

    • It may lead to dry eyes which means less production of tears and it is generally harmful to the eyes which affects the eye vision.
    • Sometimes people find difficulty at night. The quality of the eye, vision is greater affected by dim light.
    • Since it is a laser surgery that involves removing tissues, if the tissue is removed too large or too small than a specified parameter, it will badly affect the eye vision.
    • LASIK surgery also proves very dangerous for a patient having some particular eye diseases like Keratoconus and other Corneal Disorders

LASIK Surgery Cost in India

    • Lowest Range: Rs 5000 – Rs 8000 per eye( government hospitals )
    • Highest Range: Rs 15000 – up to lakhs per eye.
LASIK eye surgery cost is not fixed everywhere in India But I will give you a rough idea about the basic cost. The lowest price that one can be charged in a government hospital is in the range of Rs 5000-8000 per eye.
But the problem with the government hospital is that they give you very long dates. and if you are in a hurry for maybe Army medical or any other than you have to go to a private hospital and that will definitely cost you more if they come in the category of Good hospitals Their cost starts from Rs 15000 and may go up to lakh per eye.


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