Before going over to my favorite and effective ways to get rid of bags under the eyes let us first understand  What really Puffy eyes are? Puffy eyes are a natural eye condition in which there is a swelling at the lower part of your eye is also known as bags below the eye.

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Very common in old aged people also one thing to consider that puffy eye and swollen eyes are two different conditions of eyes. Many times people mistook puffy eyes as swollen eyes but there are significant differences in both and both have their own causes of occurrence.


In this article, we focus only on the puffy eye and know all about it from its causes to solutions or how to cure this particular condition when occurs.


For better understanding check out the image below both have different causes of occurring. The swollen eye is a medical emergency whereas a puffy eye is not. The puffy eye is a natural eye condition caused due to the reasons mentioned below.



Causes of puffy eyes

The skin around our eye is very thin and sometimes there is an excessive accumulation of fluids in these skin tissue cause areas surrounding our eyes to look bigger than normal and cause discoloration. There is plenty of reasons for these excessive fluids
    • Aging.
    • Stress.
    • Crying.
    • Overconsumption of salt.
    • Dehydration.
    • Fatigue and lack of sleep.
    • Thyroid problem.
    • Inherited from family.
    • Hormonal imbalance.
    • Anemia.
    • Nutritional deficiency.
    • Smoking habit.
    • Infections.
    • Illnesses.
    • Alcohol consumption.
    • Sinus Congestion.

Also, consider that discoloring of lower skin of eye i.e known as a dark circle and the puffy eye is closely related both have the same causes.


1. Aging

Due to aging the fatty tissues that usually protect our eyes begins to push outside and cause the eye to look puffy.


2. Puffiness in the morning

While sleeping our remaining eyes closed for many hours which causes normal puffiness in the eyes that last for a very short time in the morning.


3. Stress

This is the most common cause of puffy eyes. As in modern times, our life became very stressful due to this stress our adrenal glands release cortisol that results in changing our body’s salt balance causes it to retain water and swell.


4. Crying

Sometimes crying is also associated with the cause of puffy eyes because tears are more water and less salt, due to this concentration difference between eye tissues and tears causes swelling in the eyelid.


5. Thyroid Problem

In most cases, puffy eyes are natural and not an eye emergency but in some cases, it may be caused as a side effect of other big problems such as thyroid problem or hyperthyroidism causes thickening of the fat around the eye which makes it appear puffy or create bags below the eye.


 6. Eye allergies

Due to eye allergies, our system starts to release histamine to fight those allergies and this histamine when released in the skin causes a hive-like reaction, especially around the eye area.


7. Sinus Congestion

Due to sinus cavities that drain fluids out of our face are blocked and this fluid is retained in the tissue around the eyes results in its puffy look.


8. Inherited from family

Traits that decide our shape and structure run in families so the person with puffy eyes all the time may have these traits inherited from his/her family.



Types Of Eye Bags

There are technically only three different types of eye bags that you can have. Eye bags are the name given to the puffy fluid-filled bag-like shape that appears underneath the eyes it often gets confused with dark circles because they often appear at the same time, the eye bag sometimes creates these shadows underneath which kind of looks like dark circles.

The good news is we’re not born with eye bags and one of the major causes is pretty much aging something that we can’t stop but we can definitely help ease the process.

Now traditional Chinese medicine acknowledges three major types of eye bags so I will be sharing with you what causes them and how to get rid of them.


1. Spleen eye bags

The appearance of these eye bags are usually shiny and swollen accompanying these eye bags you also notice other symptoms such as:

    • Fat or a swollen tongue.
    • Teeth marks on the sides of the tongue.
    • You also experience memory.
    • Feeling sleepy during the day and awake in the dark.
    • Lack of energy.
    • Sometimes diarrhea.


If you experience these symptoms in addition to the shiny and swollen eye bags this means your body is telling you to take better care of your spleen to help combat these symptoms and improve your spleen health you should try herbal medicine usually prescribed by a doctor.


It’s highly suggested to consume Barley, Yam, and Qianshi(gorgon fruit) you can make this into a congee and have it every day or you can also grind these herbal medicines into powder and mix it with water



2. Kidney eye bags

The appearance of these eye bags are usually green and bruised looking almost like if someone gave you a black eye the accompanying symptoms include:

    • Swollen tongue with a white layer on top.
    • You might also have ulcers.
    • Sweat a lot.
    • Weak legs.
    • Feeling thirsty all the time.
    • Sore muscles.
    • Pee a lot.


These symptoms reflect the bad state of your kidneys because this organ takes care of the waste disposal in the body and cleanses the blood continuously.


Having above mentioned symptoms are the body’s way of telling you that you need to take better care of your kidneys+treatments include:

    • Consuming goji berries.


A handful of goji berries daily will not only improve your general health but it gets rid of those annoying eye bags. There’s also other food to eat and to avoid as well as pressure points to improve the health of your kidneys.



3. Temporary eye bags

This type of eye bag usually results from crying or bloating now these usually disappear after a couple of hours.



    • Feel a warm sensation.
    • A skin tightening around the eyes.
    • Swollen eyes.
    • Reddish color eye.

Treatments available:

    • Applying ice cubes on the eye.
    • Applying tea bags.
    • Eye masks.
    • Using frozen corn and place it over the eye bag.



8 Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under The Eyes

Although Puffy eyes and dark circles are natural not a medical emergency also not specifically required any medical attention in the aspect of beauty and look it may be annoying for someone so here are the most effective ways to get rid of bags under the eyes remedies that help to reduce the unusual swelling in your eyes:-

1. Take good sleep and maintain your sleep cycle.

2. To get rid of the puffy eye in the morning wash your eyes with cold water and blink them a couple of times.

3. Use a cooling gel pad or ice.

4. Reduce salt intake.

5. Intake food with high potassium content because potassium helps in the elimination of excess fluid in our body.

6. Examples of potassium-rich foods and Fruits: Potatoes, Mushrooms, Peas, Cucumbers, Spinach, Bananas, Oranges, dried fruits, apricots, etc.

7. Drinking the required amount of water in a day.

8. Using creams and eye relaxing eye drops: In case you use eye drops and creams be aware of their side effects too.


The ways which I mentioned above are the most effective ways to get rid of bags under the eyes. But for better results try as many as you can.


When to see a doctor? 

As we discussed in this article, puffy eyes are not a big deal it’s just a natural response of your body but in case you suspect that puffiness in your eyes is related to some other serious conditions, In that case, prefer to visit an eye clinic for your checkup.

Sometimes the swollen eye is also mistaken as puffy eyes so make sure about your condition and its causes.



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