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If you’ve been having itching and irritated eyes- It can be caused by a couple of different things but most commonly it’s caused by eye allergies, and these may be seasonal allergies or perennial allergies.

Perennial allergies are the allergies that last for a long time for a year or so and occur anytime of the year.

Seasonal allergies are eye allergies that last for very short and comes with a particular season.


Eye allergies are pretty much the most common cause of itchy symptoms in our eyes. When your eyes are exposed to an allergen either in the air or touching the eyelid skin itself then it causes what’s called a histamine response.

Histamine in the tissues causes our blood vessels to dilate and expand due to which the eye looks puffy and swollen as well as leaking fluid from those blood vessels and that fluid will also cause a kind of a swelling appearance.


In addition, your eyes will feel itchy they’ll seem red and they’ll be really dry and kind of irritated, and oftentimes people get a watery discharge coming from the eyes.


During a close examination, it often seems like little raised bumps on the inside of the eyelids that we call papillae. That’s a major kind of a sign that someone is having an allergic reaction.



Symptoms of Eye Allergies

1. Itchy eyes.
2. Redness in eyes.
3. Puffy and swollen eyes.
4. Watery discharge coming out of eyes.
5. Little bumps inside eyelids.
6. Little pain in the eye while closing your eyelids.


Best tips and drops for eye allergies


1. Do not rub hard on your itchy eye


Some people kind of have that initial reaction they want to rub their eyes really hard when they itch. Don’t do that because if you try to rub your eyes really hard you break a cell within your tissue called a mast cell (also known as “mastocyte” or “labrocyte).


Although it again feels good to rub your eyes the mast cells will break open and it actually aggravates the whole response and makes things worse. So, don’t rub the eyes instead try to use a cold compress because it feels good and helps bring down the swelling.


2. Clean your eyelids regularly to avoid those allergens sticking


We all love our pets but a lot of pet dander can cause allergic reactions. To avoid that the great thing you can do is clean your eyelids regularly to avoid those allergens sticking onto your lids and lashes.


Clean your face with soap and water just daily or use some sort of a special eyelid cleaner whether that be a cleaning solution or kind of a cleaning wipe then that should work great just doing that to remove those allergens.


3. Try to avoid whatever you’re allergic to


If you’re somebody who is allergic to pollen and grass in the spring then it’s difficult for you to avoid eye allergies because we don’t have control over the seasons but knowing that your neighbors mowing the lawn perhaps shutting your windows would be a smart idea.


4. Don’t fall asleep in your makeup


If you are the one who uses makeup every day especially females then don’t fall asleep in your makeup that causes a lot of other problems on your eyelids but it is known to trap allergens to the tissue and that can kind of aggravate the whole response.


5. Use artificial tears


Consider rinsing your eyes with something like an artificial tear there are many different types of saline and artificial tears out there, just rinsing the eyes with an artificial tear will help kind of drain out any of the allergens that could have stuck onto the tears and onto the eyelids that’ll help rinse those away so they don’t get trapped and cause more of that aggressive response.


6. Cold compresses


Cold compresses are basically like doing an ice pack for a sore shoulder or hurt elbow but that cold will help kind of shrink up those dilated blood vessels and slow down fluid movement preventing the swelling it’ll kind of cool down any of the irritation.


7. Use Antihistamine eye drops: Drops for Eye Allergies


You can try some type of antihistamine eye drop; there are a couple of different eyes drops their best one out of all these eye drops are:


(a) Systane: Zaditor.


Eye Allergies, Drops for eye allergies, allergies
Image source: Amazon | Seller: Zaditor


(b) Alaway


Alaway Drop for eye allergies
Alaway eye drops
Image source: Google| Image by-The online drugstore


(c) Pataday


Pataday Eye Allergies Drops
Pataday Eye Drops
Image Source: Amazon | Seller: ALCON

You can use it either twice a day or once a day depending on what formulation you pick up


8. Oral antihistamine medication


Consider some type of oral antihistamine medication whether that is over-the-counter options or speaking to your general physician for some stronger medication these oral antihistamines do often work for eye allergy symptoms as well.


But ultimately if you are experiencing red, irritated, and swollen eyes that aren’t improving and perhaps you’re having vision issues then definitely go and talk to your local eye care professional to make sure you’re getting checked out that it’s not something more serious going on.



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