Colour Blindness is also known as Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD)  Every 1 out of 12 men that is nearly 8% of men  and every  1 out of 200 women have Colour Blindness or Colour Vision Deficiency. In most cases, it is very often that patient doesn’t have any idea that He/She seeing colours Differently unlike others.

With the help of Colour Blind test anyone can determine whether you are colour blind or not. Testing for the Colour Blindness is easy. If you think that you may be Color Blind then you can check it by Online Colourblind test for that you do not need to go to a doctor or you may also Consult a Doctor to have Detailed Colour blind test for better assurance and precise result.

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Types of Colour Blind Test

  • Brief Screening Tests: This test helps to identify Colour Vision Deficiency.

  • Quantitative Colour Blind Tests: This test helps to identify the type and severity of the Colour Vision Deficiency.

Brief screening colour blind test

Ishihara Colour Vision Test is the most widely used test for the screening of the Colour Vision Deficiency. The test is named on great Japanese ophthalmologist Shinobu Ishihara who discovered the process for this test. It was first published in 1917.

Eight Ishihara charts for testing colour blindness
Ishihara Colour Vision Test

Ishihara Colour Vision Test consists of a complete booklet  in which each page contain a pattern in the circular form which comprises of many dots of different colours, sizes and brightness.These Dots are arranged in such a fashion that a person with the normal eye condition will see a number that may b single-digit or two-digit formed within the array of dots but a colour blind person either see a different number or unable to see a number.

Complete Ishihara Colour Vision Test contains 38 pages(plates). But now we have more versions of it that contain 14 to 24 plates. This screening test is performed in normal room lighting with the normal glasses used by a person. Ishihara test shows more reliable results in adults than children.

Quantitative Colour Blind Test

The test used for the more detailed analysis of Colour blindness its type and severity Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test is most widely used for this purpose.

100 hue arrangement
Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test
The test is based, not on pseudo isochromatic plates like Ishihara test, but on many dowels(discs) which have to be put in a particular order to create a very gradual chromatic variation. There are also the online versions of this test where you can get the result but the reliable and scientific version is only performed by a vision care practitioner in his/her care.

So, it’s always better to go to a vision care practitioner for all about vision. This test consists of four trays containing many small disks of varying shades. In each tray, there will be a color reference disk at one end. The person being tested must arrange other disks in a tray to form a continuity of shaded in every tray according to the reference color.

Every disk in a tray has a particular number on its bottom with which the severity of the color vision deficiency is determined. This test can be performed in daylight and the Disks should also be replaced at least once in 2 years to prevent colour loss.

 The new version of the 100 hue test 
  •  Farnsworth Munsell D15 test. 

This will contain 15 disks. This is used for screening like Ishihara Colour Vision Test.

Online Colour Blind Test

In Internet you can found lots of online tests for the screening of colour vision deficiency . These all are almost the variation of the Ishihara colour vision test and give instant result without having a trip to the doctor

But for colour vision test there should be an accuracy in colours and accuracy in the evaluation which will be done in the presence of the right person. So prefer to consult a doctor for precise and reliable results. 

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