A cataract is an eye disease, responsible for clouding in the eye lens, In simple words when the black part of the eye starts looking white in appearance which reduces your vision is termed a Cataract, causes of cataracts are listed below.

Everyone knew how a normal eye looks like but In the case when the eye lens becomes cloudy/whitish then this clouding is termed as Cataract in medical terms. This will decrease your vision or even worse.

It will take years to grow completely at the early stages, it doesn’t affect your vision much but with time it shows its impacts.
It is mostly seen in the old people. Let us understand the cataract with the picture.
what are the causes of cataracts?
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Symptoms Of Cataract

    • Symptoms of the cataracts are very easily identified at successive stages but initially, they may be not so easy to identify.
    • The most common symptom of cataracts is the clouding in the eye due to which it starts to appear white.
    • It was seen in a cataract that in patients the sensitivity to light and flashes increase and which causes the water in the eye etc.
    • At the initial stages, you feel that in the dim light condition it is difficult for you to read but in the dark light example in daytime everything visible clearly.
    • You start facing difficulty at night.
    • Cataract takes years to mature at first it grows in some part of the eye at that time it is most important for you to identify it and treat it before it spread in your eye.
    • Vision Loss of eye.

Risk Factors for Developing Cataracts

Risk factors for cortical cataract development include 
    • Direct exposure to the sunlight.
    • Gender- Gender is also an important factor for Cataract development. It mainly frequents in females. 
    • Myopia Very extreme myopia can also, cause cataracts.
Other risk factors for nuclear cataract include: 
    • The brown color of Iris.
    • Bad Habits like cigarette smoking. 
In addition to these risk factors, several eye diseases are associated with cataract formation. Amongst them, steroid usetrauma to the eye, and diabetes are more commonly associated with cataracts.

What are the causes of cataracts? 

    • More than 80% of the cataract comes with the aging when tissues are weakened that make your eye lens. Hence, aging is on top of the most common causes of cataracts.
    • A Cataract can also be caused by injuries usually called Traumatic Cataract.
    • In Babies, Poor Development in the womb in medical terms is known as Congenital Cataract.
    • Some Other causes of cataracts are there which include conditions like radiation and medical conditions like diabetes and toxic substances.
    • Having eye surgery in the past.
    • If Myopia is not treated on time then myopia becomes worse which may cause a Cataract.

Diagnosis Procedure of Cataract 

From the above-mentioned symptoms of the cataract if you feel any one of them You first go to the Ophthalmologist for your eye checkup. He will take your exam to test your vision in different light conditions and also dilute your pupil in order to check your eye lens and other things.
This is a very simple procedure to find cataracts. In case you find a cataract at the early stages then you will able to cure it from becoming more worse.

Treatment of the Cataract 

    •  A cataract is treated by cataract surgery in which your natural eye a lens that becomes cloudy is replaced with the artificial lens by which you get rid of it.
    • The artificial lens used in cataract treatment is IOL which is short for Intraocular Lens.
    • At the initial stages when the cataract is not natural or doesn’t affect your vision very much take some of the measures after consulting a doctor like using glasses, Strong bifocals, etc. to reduce the chances of surgery.

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